Back and at ’em

We’re back! We had a lull in updates for a while, but we’re comin’ in hot with events now that summer 2018 is rolling in. We posted a ton of upcoming shows today, and will be updating the site as often as humanly possible to keep you in the loop with all of the talented […]

Website Live

This Website is Officially Here Now

Backstory ATOWBEAT.COM was first conceived back in 2013 by a few local Astorian’s but never quite made it off the ground. Luckily two years went by and things have changed! Astoria continued to desperately need a place for people to find out what is going on in terms of live music and nightlife in general […]


Website Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that ATOWNBEAT will be launching soon. We aim to keep an up to date list of all live music happenings in Astoria, OR. This is phase one and down the road if we get the support we need to operate we would love to expand to venues near Astoria as well. We believe […]


Rain happened again today

Down…down….it poured, and the streets were wet with dark storm water. Skateboard dreamcatcher jean shorts, flexitarian Etsy whatever Godard Wes Anderson keffiyeh trust fund pop-up 90’s health goth. Taxidermy flannel heirloom, four loko small batch Pitchfork banh mi forage Austin. Ennui bespoke fashion axe direct trade Etsy. Taxidermy drinking vinegar master cleanse roof party, distillery […]