This Website is Officially Here Now

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This Website is Officially Here Now


ATOWBEAT.COM was first conceived back in 2013 by a few local Astorian’s but never quite made it off the ground. Luckily two years went by and things have changed! Astoria continued to desperately need a place for people to find out what is going on in terms of live music and nightlife in general and due to this ATOWNBEAT slowly crept back into the minds of a few folks in our beloved town and low and behold its alive!

Where Do We Go From Here?

We don’t really know exactly. Mainly we want to spread the word! Give it time and we hope that it evolves with the local community. We want this to be great resource and a place for people to stay connected, get organized, and make stuff happen! Promoting, fund raising, etc…

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Big thanks to our sponsors The Fort George Brewery, The Glam Tram, The Armory Skatepark, and Metal Head for being a part of the music scene and showing their support by helping us get the word out.


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    Thanks for this resource.
    Enjoyed the food and staff at Ft. George brew last night, stayed at the Commodore, and ate at the St. 14 Cof. All had real, friendly staff and fine services.
    Best to you on your ad-ventures!
    Mark Schaffner
    Creative Management Services

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    Thanks so much for this music listings and events site! I have been dying for something like it in these water-drenched hills, scrambling around for a slice of culture and a little more inspiration for my art. I created a link to A Town Beat on my arts website to help spread the word!

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